Proposed After School Care Program

Dear families,

Two parents are interested in starting a Mandarin after-school care program at NRP, and would like to gauge interest level among our community. The idea has been shared with NRP leadership and the PAC. Below is a letter (Chinese version attached) about their idea and how to get in touch if you’re interested.

Hello NRP parents/guardians! We hope the school year is getting off to a great start.

We’re reaching out to gauge your interest in a Mandarin-immersion after-school care program for students enrolled at NRP school.  If this is not of interest to you, feel free to stop reading now.  Otherwise, read on!

Our son just started kindergarten at NRP. While English is our home language, our son has learned some Mandarin in bilingual daycare and by interacting with his grandparents. We are keen to continue his daily social Mandarin exposure so he doesn’t forget what he’s learned — and hopefully expands his skills over time. Luckily, Vancouver and NRP school are amazingly well-suited to activities that support Mandarin language development! It’s our hope that some other parents would also love to expose their kids to Mandarin in a play-based setting, especially one that also serves as after-school care.

The immersive, play-based after-school program we envision would, like a YMCA Kids Club or UBC after-school program, run daily from 3pm to 6pm with paid adult supervision and little formal pedagogical content.  The only “rule” would be that the play and communication to and between the children take place in Mandarin.  We aim to rent space from NRP and manage this formally as an after-school program: establishing a non-profit, taking out insurance, hiring qualified Mandarin-speaking staff (NRP parents, please let us know if any of you would be interested — we imagine that there are ideal candidates in the parent pool), and building a small team of dedicated parents who can administer the program with the goal of continuing it next year and beyond.


This program would be inclusive – welcoming children without Mandarin experience. But in order for the program to be effective without formal language instruction, the ratio of children with Mandarin-speaking experience to those without would have to be quite high (80%+).  We expect to achieve this ratio organically, however, if we are wrong, a lottery for spots for children without Mandarin experience may be held.

Reasons why you might consider enrolling your child in this program:

1.     Even if Mandarin is the first language in your home: We know from personal experience and anecdotal evidence that many children quickly rebel against (or lose interest in using) their native/home/first language after starting in an English-language school.  Providing a daily social environment where children play and interact in Mandarin helps to normalize the language, and reduces the likelihood of your child losing interest in their mother tongue.

2.     If your child speaks little or no Mandarin: Children, particularly at the K-2 age range, are remarkably plastic – as we parents see daily! – and in a full immersion environment (with native speakers and encouraged by supervision to converse in Mandarin) can pick up the spoken language naturally and quickly.  Also, English and Mandarin are arguably the two most important languages for children to be exposed to and learn today in order to be best prepared for the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our idea.  If you are interested, please write to us at and In your email, please let us know about the likelihood and timeline of enrolling your child, and if you’re interested in helping with any program administration (establishing the non-profit, accountancy and tax filings, or working part- or full-time to supervise the program). Although we’ve already had some success identifying staff, we’d still appreciate recommendations for Mandarin-speaking paid program staff (e.g., yourself or family members, a nanny/babysitter who might enjoy working with more kids, people with activities/teaching backgrounds, etc). General feedback about the idea is welcome too!

Thanks again for your time,

Frank & Donna

Proposed after school care program

Lunch Volunteer Sign Up

Hello everyone,

Volunteer opportunities for “NRP Lunch Volunteer” are now open.

Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn’t work) to go to the signup sheet:

To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Thank you for volunteering!


Sept 2019

Sept 30- Oct 4

PAC AGM Agenda/Draft Sept PAC Minutes/Staff Appreciation Lunch/Walking School Bus update

  1. Next Wednesday October 2 is out Annual PAC AGM. This is a time when we present our PAC report outlining what we did last year, put forward and vote in the nominees for the 2019/’2020 PAC Executives, and vote on our proposed budget for the year. We highly recommend all parents attend as the PAC Executives will be your voice to the school etc.  ** PAC will have free babysitting for any child **

Here is the PAC AGM agenda:

PAC AGM – 2019-2020

Here is a list of current Nominees – Please email me if you are interested in putting your name forward (or if I have simply forgotten to add your name)

PAC Executive Nominations 2019:20

2. Draft Sept PAC Minutes: At the AGM we will also be approving the June 2019 and September 2019 PAC Meeting minutes. The draft minutes are posted under our documents.

3. Staff Appreciation Lunch : twice a year we host a lunch for all the NRP staff as a way to show our appreciation for everything they do for our kids. The first one is coming up on Monday October 28th. To sign up to bring a food item please click on the link below:

4. Walking School Bus: The walking school bus (from Wesbrook Village) will start on Monday September 30th. In order to sign up please fill out a form and return it to Natalie. If you wish to have your child walk parents are required to commit to helping one walk/week. Kids meet at MBA House at 8:25 and leave at 8:30am.

Please find information and the form below (there are also printed forms in the school office):

** Please note that at this time there is no WSB set for any other route as there are not enough parent volunteers able to help ***

NRP WSB 2019-2020 Information

NRP WSB 2019-2020 Registration Form




Special PAC Parent Education session tomorrow on Climate and Traffic Safety at School!

Dear Parents,

I hope all of your family had a lovely summer and an excellent start at school. We are having our NRPS parent education event on Thursday, September 26 (tomorrow),  to discuss climate science, as well as the most crucial question for each family: the traffic safety issue at school. It would be exhilarating to have our special guest: Mr. Ian Cannon to join in the topic of traffic safety and share his valuable opinions with the parents.

Please check the attached agenda with sources, and feel free to ask questions through Slido or on site.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!


A couple things about next week – Lunch and PAC Meeting


For those parents who have ordered through the PAC lunch program we are happy to say the first delivery will be on Monday!

A couple things to note about the Lunch:

1.  *** PLEASE SEND UTENSILS! ***  As a way to reduce garbage we do not provide chopsticks or utensils. We ask that parents please ensure you send some with your child.

2. Please pay attention to your Lunch Reminder Emails – The day before your child’s lunch delivery you will receive an email reminder. No email – No lunch delivery

3. Your Child: A couple important things for your child to know –

** Never touch anyone else’s lunch! Even if it their friends! Only take YOUR lunch. **

If your child has any problems with their lunch (other than they just do not like it) please let them know PAC always has at least 1 parent volunteer each day helping out. They can be found outside the main office. Your child can go speak to them anytime and they will help.



We hope you will join us for our first PAC meeting of the school year. It is Wednesday from 6:30 – 7:30pm in the NRP Learning Commons (Library).

All parents are always welcome

PAC provides free babysitting – these are Grade 7 NRP students who have completed their Red Cross Babysitting course.

Thank you