PAC Calendar up!

Want to know what is coming up? Check out the PAC Calendar. We are still working on integrating the school admin calendar to ours so please be patient.


Is your Grade 6, 7 or 8 child interested in joining Band?

This morning the school held the beginning of year assembly. During that gathering it was announced that any grade 6 student or grade 7 (who has not played an instrument) is interested in joining Beginner Band, they will meet tomorrow morning at 8:00am.

If your child is ready to join Advanced Band and is in Grade 7 or 8, they will meet on Wednesday morning at 8:00am.

No need to bring instruments. This is just a first meeting with Ms. Glee Devereau to see who is interested.


Upcoming Week

Just want to remind everyone that Thursday September 14th is Meet The Staff Night from 6-8pm. Rosa will send a notice out on the NRP App soon with further details.

This is a great time to see all the new and returning staff members and to meet your child`s teacher and all the incredible support staff at the school.

Also please remember that Friday September 15th is a PRO-D Day so no school. Wesbrook Community Centre has kindly opened a day camp for NRP students. Contact them if you are interested.

Finally, next Tuesday will be our first PAC Meeting of the school year. We host meetings the 1st Tuesday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm. We provide free child care (all NRP students who have completed the Red Cross babysitting Course).

We are so fortunate to have school administration attend the meetings as well as some of the teachers who kindly give up their evenings to come.

This year we are hoping to do away with a bit of the more mundane reporting and instead use the time to answer questions from parents on a variety of topics. This first meeting we are looking to do a general welcome, and speak about NRP`s similarities to other schools and what makes us unique.

We are also using this as the perfect opportunity to reach out to you as parents and ask for nominations to run for PAC Executive positions. We will have our AGM on Tuesday October 3 and we need your help! Next week I will post a list of positions, and hope that some of you will consider putting your name for nomination. If you would like to know more about a position, please feel free to email me:

All PAC Executives work hard behind the scenes but it is an incredibly rewarding way to give back to the school and our children! We also are always there to share the workload if need be…




Lunch Ordering Open! But First….

Before I start with letting you know about the lunch site, I feel it is very important to say something: I, on behalf of all the parents, want to say a huge thank you to Beth, our Lunch Coordinator and volunteer parent extraordinaire! Beth has put an incredible amount of time into getting the menu organized, coordinating with the caterers, and setting up the new lunch site: MunchaLunch. When you see the extensive menu you will understand just how much work has gone into this! THANK YOU BETH!!!!

The PAC Lunch Program (along with our direct appeal which will be sent home next week) is the main fundraiser for the school. Last year we managed to raise close to $22,000 for the school. This money goes directly to help all students. This as all done with us only increasing the cost of each item by no more than 10% above cost.

The lunch program is based solely on parent volunteers. Without parent involvement we will not be able to run. AT THE TOP OF THE MENU YOU WILL SEE A TAB “VOLUNTEER”. If you are willing to help out any day of the week between 11:30 and 12:30, click and sign up. Our amazing Volunteer Coordinator, Donghong will create the monthly volunteer list and send it out.

Now, this new system will look different than last year. I have just tried it and it is so simple!

To access the MunchaLunch link on the PAC website (

  1. Click on the Lunch FAQ tab
  2. Click on the blue “Lunch Link Click Here” Button
  3. Simply follow the prompts. Setting up the account is simple but you will need either your child`s Division # or Teacher name (if you are not sure just ask your child)
  4. After registering you may continue to “Order Lunch!”

Once complete you will have the option to pay by cheque (make cheque payable to Norma Rose Point PAC), or use Stripe. Stripe is similar to PayPal but you do not require an account. It is a completely safe method of paying by credit card

If you are paying cash, please email Beth at : to arrange to meet. We prefer you not send the payment to school with your child.

Lastly, please note that the menu will be on a 7 day cut off. What does that mean? If you want to order for Monday September 18, you must place the order no later than Monday September 11. If you want to order for Tuesday September 19, the order must be in no later than Tuesday September 12 and so on…You can order as far in advance as you like and for as many days of the week as you like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message through the website, email Beth or email me at

DO NOT FORGET TO SEND UTENSILS!!!! We do not supply forks, spoons or knives!

Happy ordering!!

Jody, PAC Chair

App notice from Rosa –

Success! We have all 830 students placed in their 2017-18 classes and our 53 waitlisted students placed at neighbouring schools.

School Fees

We are being asked by many about school fees. Every student received a newsletter from their teacher yesterday with all the information needed. If you are missing a school newsletter, I have attached a copy below. Please send a cheque with your child (written to Norma Rose Point School), to give to your child’s teacher. If you need to pay by cash, please place the cash in an a sealed envelope. It is best to give cash directly to the teacher.

Middle School Students

Middle School students received two forms today — Use of Student Owned Devices (should you wish to allow your child to use his or her own iPad or computer at school) and Permission to Leave School Grounds During Lunch (please do not feel obligated to provide this permission — it is simply optional).

Walk to School

If at all possible, try to walk or cycle to school. When walking and cycling, please be considerate of neighbours. Do keep to public paths and sidewalks.

Hot Lunch Order

Thanks to parent Beth, spearheading the lunch orders for NRP. Ordering will be open as of Friday, September 8th. The lunch link can be found on the PAC website:

Afterschool Programs

The PAC newsletter highlighted many things, including after school program options. The newsletter can also be found at under the newsletter link. Here is the English version:

Save the Date

Meet the Staff Night is Thursday, September 14. An agenda for the evening (6 – 8pm) will be sent via app early next week.

All the best,

Rosa Fazio

Principal, Norma Rose Point

Update/Lunch/Driving to school/Lice

Classes:   First of all I hope all your kids are happy to be back at school. I know that it can feel frustrating to us as parents when our children have not been placed in their homerooms with their teachers, but let me assure you that the school is working so incredibly hard to complete this process quickly. Fingers crossed it will be ready tomorrow or Friday. Remember we have been spoiled in getting lists previous years before school starts. All other schools wait at least a week to do this.

This is such a unique year with the reduction in class sizes. It has posed challenges for all schools across BC including NRP.

Lunch:   With that all in mind, our goal to open up the lunch ordering must be postponed. It looks like we will have everything set for Friday. Again, you are going to need your child`s division number and teacher to register so no point opening it yet.

Driving or Biking to School on Osoyoos Road:   I know this seems silly to say, but please leave yourself plenty of time IF you are driving your child to school. Watch your speed, especially on Osoyoos. This road is very narrow and you are likely going to be having to accommodate people on bicycles heading to the school. Last year there were some instances where cyclists got hit by drivers (NRP Parents). Also there were instances of inappropriate language by drivers. Remember we all want to get our kids to and from school safely.

Head Lice:   Yup. I left this for last. There seems to be no getting around it. Lice will eventually hit one or more communities in the school. Gone are the days when we thought lice only affects kids that are un-clean. The truth is your child can have the cleanest of hair but still end up with lice. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is annoying for sure, but not a health risk to your child.

What can you do to help? If your child ends up getting lice, please let their teacher know. They will then send a notice to all the parents in that community to be “aware and check the hair”. Your child`s name WILL NOT be used. They will be confidential.

Simple things can be done to prevent the spread of head lice:

Your child should not share their hats with others.

Keep your child home for a day or two if they have lice

There are combs and shampoos you can get at any pharmacy (or Save on                                   Foods).





Where to send your child tomorrow


Here is a list of Community names/Grades and location where to send your child tomorrow

Remember that you can walk your child up to the community but must leave no later than 9:00am

PAC will have coffee, tea and cookies set up for all parents so please bring a mug and join us  we will be in the Multipurpose room as well as outside (this allows for minimal noise in the school during that instructional hour.

There will be PAC Executives wandering around with name tags on in the morning  please feel free to grab us and ask any questions. We can also assist in showing you where your child is to go.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leace a message or email us at

We will see you all tomorrow!



Important App notice from Rosa today regarding Tuesday:

The following was sent on the NRP App today:

First Day for Gr 1 – 8 Students: September 5th

We will NOT be posting class lists prior to the start of the school year in order to ensure we have accurate numbers and are in compliance with the new class size composition requirements.

On September 5th, school is in session from 9:00 – 10:00am for grade 1 – 8 students.The primary purpose is to take attendance and finalize the actual numbers we are working with for this school year.

Children are being asked to go to the following communities UNTIL CLASSES ARE SET . . .

Kindergarten students have a special timetable beginning Wednesday, September 6 (a special e-mail has been sent to K families)
Grade 1 students will report to Sword Fern (upstairs K5, first community)
Grade 2 students will report to Alder (upstairs K5, far right)
Grade 3 students will report to Cedar (downstairs K5, first community)
Grade 4 students will report to Douglas Fir (upstairs K5, far left)
Grade 5 students will report to Hemlock (downstairs Middle Wing, first community)
Grade 6 students will report to Pacific Spirit (upstairs Middle, far community)
Grade 7 students will report to Khatsahlano (downstairs Middle, far community)
Grade 8 students will report to Salish (upstairs Middle, first community)

Parents may not be in the Learning Communities once instructional time starts. While children are in session, parents are invited to meet for coffee/tea in the main foyer.

Please Walk to and from School
With the various road closures and construction projects, we cannot accommodate traffic flow around our school. Please walk or cycle. Thank you.